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Eighteen Grams Coffee is a Melbourne coffee roaster and wholesaler of coffee and other café products. Eighteen Grams sell 9 amazing coffee blends available for the home as well as café. We also sell a range of tea, chai, syrup, cocoa as well as coffee machines, equipment and coffee accessories. Coffee beans Melbourne.
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eighteengrams Blend 213 - ... from $15.99
18 Grams signature roasted coffee blend. This medium roast coffee is super smooth and tasty, has well balanced acidity and is noted for its full body and richness in its crema, with hints of floral but mostly nutty overtones. Popular coffee for cafe's that we supply. Coffee beans roasted in Melbourne.   Origin | A blend of 100% Arabica Beans from South America and South East Asia. Taste | This medium roast coffee has well balanced acidity and is noted for its full body and richness in its creamer  Body | Balanced with a long fine finish. Aroma | Hint of floral but mostly nutty overtones. Home delivery coffee beans
eighteengrams Roasters - R... from $15.99
A full bodied coffee with a chocolate and toffee finish.  Consists of Guatemalan, Brazil, Colombian, PNG and Indian Robusta. Produces a good crema and is the perfect coffee any time of the day. Coffee beans roasted in Melbourne. Origin | Consists of Guatemalan, Brazil, Colombian, PNG and Indian Robusta. Taste | Chocolate and toffee finish. Body | Full bodied. Aroma | Good lasting aroma.
eighteengrams Royale - Roa... from $15.99
A medium roasted, well balanced coffee with a smooth, rich flavour to drink at any time of the day. Suits people who like a medium strength, smooth drinking coffee. Consists of Indian, Brazil and Colombian beans. 100% Arabica. Coffee beans roasted in Melbourne. Origin | Consists of Indian, Brazil and Colombian beans. 100% Arabica Taste | Rich oak / nutty flavours. Body | Balanced with smooth finish. Aroma | Mild aroma.
eighteengrams Deluxe - Roa... from $15.99
A strong dark roasted coffee with rich crema that lingers on the palate with an excellent after taste. A slightly stronger, more robust coffee that suits people who are looking for the traditional ‘European’ coffee. Consists of Colombian, Brazil, PNG and 10% Robusta. Origin |  Consists of Colombian, Brazil, PNG and 10% Robusta. Taste | Nutty flavours. Body | Full bodied. Aroma | Strong nutty aroma Coffee beans roasted to perfection in Melbourne. 
eighteengrams Supreme - Ro... from $15.99
Supreme origin beans that are roasted to perfection to enhance the flavour of each origin that would suit the connoisseur. Consists of 5 beans, being Colombian, brazil, guatamalean, Indonesian mandahling and PNG.  Origin |  Blend of 100% Arabica beans from Colombian, Brazil, Guatamalean, Indonesian mandahling and PNG.  Taste |  Exotic flavours and fruity notes. Body |  Strong and rich. Aroma | Excellent aroma. 
eighteengrams Swiss Water ... from $15.99
SWISS WATER DECAF – This Medium roasted coffee has Caramel notes with hints of pitted fruit. Dark Roasted for an Intense Flavour, Slightly nutty with exotic flower notes. This is the best tasting decaf coffee in Australia. Origin  |  Blend of 100% Arabica Beans from central America. Taste  |  Caramel notes with hints of pitted fruit. Medium roasted for a mild Flavour. Body  |  Strong and Rich. Aroma  |  Slightly nutty with exotic flower notes. The Swiss Water® Process used for decaffeination of this coffee employs water, gently removing caffeine while maintaining the coffee's inherent flavour and quality. No harsh chemicals are used. This method results in a premium decaf that coffee lovers can truly savour, knowing it's crafted with care and quality in mind. The result is amazing decaf that everyone can enjoy.
Eighteen Grams Pablo's Blen... from $16.99
Once upon a time, nestled among the vibrant hills of a remote Colombian village, there lived a man named Pablo. With his rugged features and piercing gaze, he seemed to carry the weight of countless adventures on his shoulders. Pablo was a man of danger and worldly experience, having traversed the far corners of the Earth in search of excitement and new horizons. But amidst his thrilling escapades, there was one passion that always held a special place in his heart—coffee. Our new roasted coffee blend. Inspired by the art of caffeine dealing. Pablo's blend is the perfect coffee for all, it works well as espresso or latté, it has a balanced and distinct coffee flavour that you will enjoy. A little bit arty and a little bit gangster all at once. Milk chocolate, vanilla, dried apricots and other stone fruit. Coffee beans roasted in Melbourne.  
Eighteen Grams Kick To The ... from $16.99
Introducing "Kick to the Head" - a bold and robust coffee blend designed for coffee enthusiasts who crave a stronger and more intense coffee experience. This dark roasted blend is carefully crafted using premium coffee beans sourced from Columbia, Brazil, and Papua New Guinea, resulting in a full-bodied and flavorful coffee that is sure to delight your taste buds. With its rich and nutty flavor profile, Kick to the Head is the perfect choice for those who prefer their coffee with a little bit of a kick. The unique blend of coffee beans provides a rich and smooth taste, while the dark roast enhances the natural flavours of the coffee, resulting in a rich and satisfying brew. Whether you prefer to savour your coffee slowly or need a quick caffeine fix to get you through the day, Kick to the Head is the perfect choice. So why settle for a bland and boring cup of coffee when you can experience the bold and robust flavour of Kick to the Head? Try it today and experience the ultimate coffee indulgence! Coffee beans roasted in Melbourne. Kick To The Head – Origin Story Once upon a time in the bustling city of Carvallis, there lived an MMA fighter named Jake "The Hammer" Thomaso. Jake was known for his ferocious kicks and lightning-fast strikes inside the octagon. However, outside the ring, Jake had a secret love for a different kind of kick—the jolt of energy he got from a strong cup of coffee. Jake had always been an avid coffee drinker, but he had yet to find a blend that could match the intensity of his fighting style. He craved a coffee that could deliver a powerful punch to his senses—a true "kick to the head" that would awaken his spirit and fuel his relentless training sessions. One day, while strolling through the vibrant streets of Carvallis, Jake stumbled upon a small, unassuming coffee shop tucked away in a quiet corner. Intrigued by its rustic charm, he decided to step inside and give it a try. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee enveloped him, and he knew he had found something special. Behind the counter stood an elderly barista named Maria, whose eyes sparkled with wisdom and a touch of mischief. Jake approached her and asked for the strongest coffee she had to offer. Maria chuckled and said, "Ah, I think I have just the blend for you. It's called 'Kick to the Head.'" Jake's curiosity piqued, he eagerly waited for Maria to prepare the magical concoction. She ground the coffee beans with expertise, creating a symphony of sound that matched the anticipation building within Jake. The rich aroma filled the air, promising an unforgettable experience. Maria poured the steaming liquid into a cup, and as Jake took his first sip, he felt an explosion of flavour and energy. The coffee hit him like a powerful roundhouse kick, electrifying his taste buds and sending waves of energy through his body. It was everything he had ever dreamed of—a coffee blend perfectly tailored to his cravings. With newfound energy surging through his veins, Jake's training reached new heights. He spent countless hours in the gym, perfecting his techniques and pushing his body to the limit. The "Kick to the Head" coffee became his trusted companion, fuelling his determination and sharpening his focus. As word of Jake's incredible performances spread throughout the MMA community, people began to inquire about his secret weapon. Jake, always one to give credit where it was due, directed them to Maria's little coffee shop. The demand for the "Kick to the Head" blend skyrocketed, and the coffee shop flourished. With the success of this coffee blend, Maria's shop became a popular hub for athletes, artists, and dreamers seeking an extra boost of inspiration. From that day forward, "Kick to the Head" became more than just a coffee blend. It symbolized the determination, power, and unwavering spirit of those who pursued their passions. So that the legend of Jake "The Hammer" Thomaso and his coffee blend, "Kick to the Head," live on, the team at 18 Grams have blended a coffee to match it and honour it. We hope that our ‘Kick to the Head’ will inspire others to chase their dreams, savour the moments, and always seek that exhilarating kick that life has to offer.
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