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Milklab Oat Milk $4.99
MILKLAB Oat Milk With a smooth, creamy texture for the perfect coffee. MILKLAB Oat is the creamy dairy milk alternative with exceptional texture and stretch. It steams and pours with high performance and delivers a subtle, naturally sweet oat taste to perfectly complement the flavour of espresso coffee.
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Milklab Almond Milk $4.99
MILKLAB Almond Australia's #1 barista almond milk for coffee. MILKLAB Almond is made for coffee — created with baristas, for baristas. It’s designed to texture and stretch with high performance and complements espresso coffee with a smooth nutty flavour and a rich, velvety mouthfeel.
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Milklab Soy Milk $4.99
MILKLAB Soy Crafted for coffee — high performance, mild flavour. MILKLAB Soy is premium soy milk made with, and made for, baristas. It offers incredible texturing, stretching and pouring capabilities. Our convenient twist top lid is designed for fast-paced foodservice environments and helps to optimise speed-of-service.
Milklab Lactose Free... $4.99
MILKLAB Lactose Free Dairy Milk Delicious taste of real milk, just without the lactose. MILKLAB Lactose Free is a high-performance barista dairy milk developed in colLABoration with Australian dairy farmers to complement espresso coffee.

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