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Swiss Water Decaf Coffee: And why it is the best decaf coffee choice.


Coffee lovers around the world are familiar with the comforting aroma and rich flavour of their favourite brew. But for those who seek the same experience without the buzz of caffeine, Swiss Water decaf coffee emerges as a top choice. This method of decaffeination has gained popularity for its unique process, notable differences, and numerous benefits. And this is why Eighteen Grams Coffee uses Swiss Water Decaf for our choice of all the decaf options out there.

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The Making of Swiss Water Decaf Coffee

Unlike traditional decaffeination methods that utilize chemical solvents, Swiss Water decaf coffee undergoes a natural process that preserves the coffee's flavour integrity. Here's how it works:

Green Coffee Soak: The process begins with a batch of high-quality, green coffee beans. These beans are immersed in water to create a solution that extracts both caffeine and flavour compounds.

Filtering: The solution is then passed through a special filter that selectively captures caffeine molecules while allowing flavour compounds to remain.

Decaffeination: The filtered solution, now containing flavour-rich compounds but devoid of caffeine, is used to soak a fresh batch of green coffee beans. This soaking process continues until the beans are virtually caffeine-free.

Drying and Roasting: Finally, the decaffeinated beans are dried and roasted to perfection, resulting in Swiss Water decaf coffee with a flavor profile remarkably similar to its caffeinated counterpart.

 Swiss water decaf process

Differences in Taste and Quality

Swiss Water decaf coffee distinguishes itself from other decaf varieties through its flavor and aroma. Unlike chemically processed decaf coffees, which may exhibit a noticeable aftertaste or diminished flavor, Swiss Water decaf maintains the full-bodied richness and nuanced notes characteristic of premium coffee beans. This method preserves the natural oils and soluble compounds responsible for coffee's complexity, ensuring a satisfying cup every time.


Benefits of Choosing Swiss Water Decaf

Healthier Option: Swiss Water decaf coffee appeals to health-conscious consumers seeking to reduce their caffeine intake without compromising on taste. The absence of chemical solvents ensures a cleaner, purer cup of coffee.


Environmental Sustainability: The Swiss Water Process is environmentally friendly, utilizing only water, temperature, and time to decaffeinate coffee beans. This eco-conscious approach minimizes the carbon footprint associated with traditional decaffeination methods.


Versatility: Swiss Water decaf coffee offers versatility in brewing methods, accommodating various preferences from espresso to pour-over to French press. Whether enjoyed black or with milk, its robust flavor profile satisfies discerning palates.

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In conclusion, Swiss Water decaf coffee stands out as a superior choice for those seeking a flavourful, caffeine-free alternative. From its natural decaffeination process to its unmatched taste and environmental benefits, this method exemplifies excellence in every cup. So, for coffee enthusiasts looking to savour the essence of their Favorite brew without the jolt of caffeine, Swiss Water decaf is undoubtedly the way to go and it is why we sell it at 18 Grams Coffee.


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