Different coffee blends

Why would you blend different ranges of coffee?
coffee blends for the perfect coffee in Melbourne

Why would you blend different ranges of coffee? Well, have you ever taken a sip of Costa Rican coffee and wished that it had a bit more body and richness to it? Do you enjoy the deep, rich aromas of a traditional Sulawesi but yet crave the bright citrus acidity of a Kenyan coffee? Blending single-origin coffees, you can tailor the cup to exactly match your first choice by selecting coffees that complement and enhance one another

Coffee is so much more than a simple black drip topped with a spoonful of sugar or a splash of milk. Blends and methods - it's like hearing Italian for the first time.

We wish to assist you to get on your ear used to the language, it's useful to have a deeper grasp of what's happening in your cup if you're attempting to imitate a polished Italian espresso. That's why we're diving deep into many types of coffee, from blends to beans to roasts!


A coffee blend is a coffee prepared with coffee beans that originated from many places. A place can refer to coffee beans from several nations, but it can also refer to a micro-level division within the same country. To be more exact, a place can mean coffee beans from several regions of the same nation as well as distinct local areas within the same producing region. This micro- level separation of a location can even apply to different heights on the same producing farm!


Blend 213

Our Eighteen Grams medium roasted coffee is well crafted as a blend of 100 % Arabica from South America and Southeast Asia blended in a perfect coffee cup, creating a balanced acidity and floral aroma, resulting in richness in its creamer.


Roaster coffee consists of Guatemalan, Brazil, Colombia, PNG, and Indian Robusta. In our delicious Roasters, you will notice aromas with hints of rich cocoa.

Swiss Water Decaf

For those who don’t want a caffeine kick, we’ve crafted this Swiss water decaf. The easy going decaf is a blend of 100% Arabica from Central America in that You will get all the Caramel notes with hints of pitted fruit. Medium roasted for a mild Flavour.

Coffee blends VS Single-origin: What’s the difference?

Which is superior: single-origin or coffee blends? While many people swear by mixes, some believe that single-origin coffees capture the actual essence of coffee.

Single-origin coffee

Single-origin coffee derives from, you guessed it, a single crop, farm, or area in a single country. Single-origin coffee is usually promoted as exotic because it comes from a particular country or region. Coffee purists like the qualities of single-origin beans from one specific origin of the world favour single origins.

Coffee Blends

Coffee blends are exactly what they sound like: a combination of numerous (two or more) distinct varieties of coffee. Coffee roasters build blends to integrate and balance the distinct qualities of different beans and achieve flavours not found in single-origin coffee. A common scenario for coffee roasters is to mix a bright, exotic coffee with a more well-known bean.

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